72U Creative residency

72U is a 12 week in-house creative residency focused on collaboration, experimentation and making things that matter in culture.


Amsterdam-based hospitality brand Zoku and creative residency 72U joined forces to launch a pioneering new creative platform to facilitate meaningful connections. Highlighting the importance of close personal bonds between neighbours and rekindling the neighbourly spirit of the past, "Doors of Zoku" will feature a series of talks and workshops, as well as a playful public installation.

To raise awareness for the campaign, Zoku and 72U installed tiny interactive doors at several locations across the city of Amsterdam. Passers-by would be drawn to the doors, and upon ringing the doorbells would be greeted by and participate in personal stories among neighbours. The installation evoked the importance of forming personal relationships with neighbours.

The campaign’s main event will took place on February 1st 2019 in Zoku’s Social Spaces. Featuring insightful talks, workshops and interactive activities – from smart city planning with figures from the Amsterdam municipality, to pro-social initiatives, to live music and art, the flagship event will gave neighbours and guests the opportunity to meet and share ideas on the topic.

The Doors of Zoku campaign contributed in raising awareness on the taboo of loneliness and the disappearance of strong neighbourly ties in rapidly urbanizing cities.

As part of the creative team I worked on creating and presenting the concept to Zoku, graphic design (billboards, social media, event) and photography.



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72U is the creative residency of 72andSunny, designed to take participants to the next level creatively and professionally. The program explores the intersection of art, technology and culture and emphasizes collaboration and experimentation through project-based learning. Each session is redesigned based on what’s happening in culture, participants’ skill sets and interests, and the opportunities that are presented by the local community, giving them the tools to make a positive impact in Amsterdam. 



Based in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York, 72andSunny creates cultural impact on behalf of brands. The company is a two-time “Agency of the Year” winner for Advertising Age and Adweek. 72andSunny Amsterdam works globally and locally with brands such as adidas, AXE, Carlsberg, Google, Piaggio, Samsung, and Smirnoff.

For more information, visit www.72andsunny.com

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Zoku has invented a new category within the hotel industry with its home/office hybrids. Zoku facilitates living and working internationally for the growing population of globetrotting talent. Moving far beyond putting heads in beds, the bold concept has won numerous awards and received rave reviews, and is celebrated for its lively Social Spaces, community structure which facilitates genuine connections.

For more information, visit www.livezoku.com